Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2006

dolphin quilt update

well here is Nils, me and the back side of teh quilt. Posted by Picasa

Dienstag, Januar 03, 2006

wuthering heights postage stamp quilt

I am very proud of this piece even if at this point it is only the top ( but that is where the work is=) This piece we will be keeping for ourselves the cat running across is outr little Max. Wuthering Heights is by 3 sisters for moda fabrics- I love the color tones in the blue ( a robin egg blue- so an antique print- you could just imaginge curling up with the book again curled up in the blanket when all is finished. the middle border howere is not part of the package but follws suit with the brown and pink flowers- found the remnants in a local Brocki house (charity shop) and it just fit the bill. the outer border is a heathcliff blue jaquard- a very light roseprint on it. One sees in the corners that I used a nine patch to contrast the last corner block in the postage stamp part. ( mainly burgundy and pinks in the border patches) I treated the pink like a light neutral, so that it wouldn't bother me so much. ( I am bothered by pink on a general level- I love red, and burgundy . the brown is nice, and I am moving into a phase of using more blue in my household.

Kims block Difficult Colors RR

Unfortunately with the effect of only having a cell phone digital camera at hand the photos are not totally clear at times and this block was a very bright and colorful block to start with. My contribution is the beaded sun in the top left corner and the the logs on the beach on the lower left corner. - I since the theme was set as the bahama mama- I fully thought cinnamon sticks were totally bahamas (tropical island), as well a beach needs the waves coming in.

baby quilt #3 quilt top

My first attempt at doing borders and sashing ( the border is ok but the sashing was a nightmare-) I meant it as a present for someone but I think I just hold back and do a different one for a colleague now that I know bettter how to do both. the other thing taht is somewhat special about this piece besides the choice of fabric was that it is my first attempt at double ninepatch quilting. I was pleased with the effect none the less. and the fabric is by Moda - Baby Talk charm pack.

Samstag, Dezember 17, 2005

Dolphin quilt. for Nils Frey

Here is the dolphin quilt I did for Nils Frey 2005 . Nils is a very special boy in our neighbour hood and absolutely crazy about dolphins . He had a chance to swim with the dolphins in Florida last year and misses them like crazy. his wheel chair wheels also have dolphin images to them ( digital printing can make the chairs so much more personable. ) any how the crazy quilted corners are meant to be sor of an under the sea moif with lots of seaweed. The backing is simply the four panels with the dolphins. Posted by Picasa

Donnerstag, November 17, 2005

secret ornaments yahoo group.

these ornament were also from a secret exchange from my crazyquilters international yahoo group- this was fun as I had to use thefabric and decoration that someone else sent. ( charms beads edging) to make them. wish the photo could do them better justice. oh well they are pretty cute. and I had fun making them.

Lin's Block-Difficult colors RR

This is my first Round robin and I was the first to work on this block. requirements are to tree about a 1/4 of the block and a seam treatment. I thought of how red setters can smell the wind in fall when the leaves were changing color to the rusts and gold. the photo really doesn't do it justice. these in generalö are my favorite colors to work with - browns, rusts, beige. the button was a really cool find in my local sewing shop. Posted by Picasa

Lillian's Difficult Color Round Robin block

This is from the Difficult Colors round robin- Lillian's Block - my contributions are the iridescent beads in a scalloped netting, the silk ribbon cherry tree, and a silk ribbon seam work. of pastel flowers. Posted by Picasa

ornament exchange piece

this ornament though I didn't get the back of it is for the stitchers niche on ivillage ornament exchange I will halt on posting the recipient in that it will be sent after a certain date and I wish it still to remain somewhat a surprise. just incase she checks my blogs.

I had fun trying some of the stitches on my sister in laws machine- when DH saw what this machine can do he is much more understanding of why I want ( and need) a newer machine Posted by Picasa

Samstag, Oktober 08, 2005

babyquilt #2

Baby quilt number 2 went to Livia Srindran born oktober first 2005 to Srindran and Jegatha. no photos yet but hopefully soon. ( had to get the present to recipient before I could get a photo) and since we knew it was a girl I used a dusty rose for my plain colored blocks ( a bit of a difference from block number one. and much quicker to make having made one ( I just needed the numbers this time for the math.)

Ruth Langeneggers Needle Book

though the photos are by the little camera on the cell phone ( our only digital in the moment ), you get a basic idea of the first needlebook ( and first fan shaped object) that I did. the book is bound with silk ribbon , has the small tassle at the base, some of the things to really note for this project- the heart of silk roses took me a week to do ( but if I did it again it would probabley only take me a couple days. I chose an orange felt for the inside to contrast with the brown velvety fabric (so she doesn't have to search so herd for her needles. I till have a bit of difficulty with the chevron sticth and working on the buttonhole stitch- still not positively confident on the half buttonhole wheel- some are better than others. OI had gotten a really fun bright varigated thread by anchor which I used on the lasydaisy flower seam, and the buttonwheel flower seam ( will have to get a couple more rounds of that thread. ( you get a bit less of it compared to other threads by this mark) they also have softer tones which are nice for the little kids day cozys. ( or heart quilts. )

Sonntag, September 18, 2005

traditional patchwork- babyquilt number 1

so here is my first attempt at traditonal patchwork and learning how to work with a finicky old pfaff- but I got the sewing machine to behave well enough for me to get this babyquilt done for a friend of mine. the pattern is based on "Have a Heart. " which I found on the quilters corner site. next time I make a quilt on this pattern I will use a different cotton for my plain blocks - this white was from a stretchy white thinner cotton which was truly a nightmare to work with . - that and saumband( iron on fusible web stuff ( for stabilizing )) is a quilter best friend. ( I will have to invest in a few packets of that stuff. ) I just did the embroidery thread for the ties for holding down the filler fabric.

Baby quilt number one will be going to neighbour Desirée born in september of this year.

Dienstag, August 16, 2005

Regula's pillow

this time I played with plaid and linen ( linen courtesy of a friend who knows I have been developing my needlework skills. ) to a nice result. this was really the first time I got to play with the silk ribbon as it had arrived in the mail from Kansas. We don't get silk ribbon here in switzerland. so I was extremely thankful to a ROAK (random act of Kindness) from someone moving on to different textile forms for crazy quilting. Thank you JL. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the initial in the middle, on linen. the plaid was also like linen ( okay a heavier fabric but really easy to pull a needle through. almost a bit Christmasy but looks great in her living room too.

Elsbeths Pillow

Upon my return from canada I started on yet another project - the pillow is already given over to its recipient but I had to wait a while since I am back on the old fashioned camera system which I have to wait for film to get developed. Sorry for the long wait- I just got the photos back today. Here are some before and after shots of the pillow. the fabric was bought at Chintz and Co in Vancouver ( they sell the sample blocks in a bag for $5(can.) ( it is based on weight of bag ( some fabrics are heavier than others so you get more in some bags than others) really is a grab bag sort of deal but well organized in themes. )